**********The 2023 Electronic Golf Pass will be available at some point in February**********

Please check back to this page in February to purchase the 2023 Pass.

Great gift idea for family and friends

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA is pleased to offer the 2022 Golf Pass in an electronic version. The Golf Pass offers discounted rates at 70 golf facilities in parts of Idaho, Nevada, Montana and Wyoming. As a Golf Pass holder, you will be able to enjoy golf at the region’s best courses at only a fraction of the costs. All of this for only $40.

The Savings Are Limitless

By purchasing the Golf Pass you can save hundreds of dollars on green fees, cart rentals, range balls, merchandise and golf lessons! Once you purchase your electronic Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass you will receive an email with your login credentials that will provide you with an online account where you can redeem your discounts using your mobile smartphone or tablet. Each facility and their discount are listed on the My Turf tab. If there are any exceptions as to times and days the discounts are available, they will be noted there.

At the golf course simply show your photo id and phone when checking in, pay the special rate and the attendant will tap your phone to reflect that the discount has been redeemed. It is that simple.

The savings with the Golf Pass are truly limitless. The more you use the Golf Pass and take advantage of its benefits, the more you save.

Electronic Version

Electronic Golf Pass: $40

The Electronic Golf Pass will be used through your electronic devices, whether that is your phone, tablet, or computer. You WILL NOT receive a hard copy booklet. When purchasing the electronic version, you will be emailed an account username and password that you will use to gain access to all of your offers online.

CLICK HERE to view/download directions for use of the RMSPGA Electronic Golf Pass

Thank you for your interest in the RMSPGA Electronic Golf Pass. If you are here to purchase the 2022 Electronic Golf Pass - it will be available for sale in mid-January, 2022.

Special Bonus

All 2022 Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass members will receive a FREE weekly grounds ticket to the 2022 Albertsons Boise Open, Idaho’s only PGA TOUR sanctioned Web.com event. The Albertsons Boise Open will be held August 22-25 at Hillcrest Country Club in Boise, Idaho. The grounds ticket will be mailed to you by the end of July in plenty of time before the tournament. What a great opportunity to see some of the future stars of the PGA TOUR and save money doing it! This is a value of $35.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass?

The Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass offers discounted rates at many golf facilities across parts of Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming. By purchasing the golf pass, you can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on green fees, cart rentals, range balls and merchandise. Once you purchase your electronic Rocky Mountain Section Golf Pass you will have immediate access to the Pass on your mobile device.


How Much Does the Golf Pass Cost?

The Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass is yours for only $40!

How Do I redeem the discounts on the Electronic Golf Pass?

Redeem = This button will be used once presented at the golf course. You will hand your electronic device with your selected offer to the golf course attendant, along with your identification, to redeem your online offer. Once the attendant selects this button, one (1) usage will be taken away.

Save the Offer = This button will be used to save your offer for future use. Once saved, you can check your saved offers by clicking on MY ACCOUNT, and from there you can click SAVED OFFER.

How Do I Know What Facilities Are Included?
How Do I Order the Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass?

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    Please contact us with your questions regarding the Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass.